If you were to ask me the two premium brands that perplex me most it would be Acura number one followed by Infiniti.

From the start Infiniti had the more exciting car (Q45) than Lexus (LS400) but the initial ad campaign never let people knew that it was the BMW of the two.

Over the years they've had some hits and misses but what confuses me most is that when they were on a roll about 4 years ago, gaining momentum on BMW (similar to Hyundai has now), that they didn't go into overdrive and finish the job.

And since then they really haven't done ANYTHING exciting.

Yippee, we have a G37 (Their best car by the way) instead of a G35.

Ipl. Just reviewed today on AutoBlog as uneccessary and to keep your money and buy the regular car or a 1M (you know what I would do, you don't even have to ask).

As a side note, doesn't the name Ipl fit a beer better than a car?

So some pretty boring evolutionary stuff if you ask me.

Or Infiniti dealers.

Except in the world of concepts.

When they showed the Essence concept in Geneva a few years ago I was blown away.

At the time I thought it was the best looking concept EVER.

Since then, they have paraded it around but nada. Nothing.

And at this year's Geneva show, the Emerge-E.

Not as nice as the Essence in my opinion, but nice.

What  will come of that?

If previous history tells us anything, nuttin' honey.

Where is the 3-Series beater for $5k less?

Where is a coupe and convertible that is as beautiful as the Essence for the price of a G37?

And how about a 'Gorgeous like Essence' line of SUV's/Crossovers and not these QX's and JX's that look like, dare I say it? Yes. THEY LOOK LIKE ASS!

Although I must say it has not stopped quite a few of my neighbors from buying a QX. Those poor, diluted souls... ;)

C'mon Infiniti!

I like what you stand for and you can do SO MUCH BETTER.

Get some fire, some eye of the tiger.

DO IT! 3-Series BEATER.

Not ALMOST as good, BETTER AND less expensive.

And watch YOUR world change for the better.

What say you Spies?

Am I dead on right?

Or off course are they just fine?

Infiniti Has Shown Some AWESOME Sporty Concepts At Recent Car Shows. WHY Don't They EVER Follow Through And Build Them?

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