This NY Times article talks about how GM is using MTV to try to figure out how to get kids excited about cars again.

It makes many assumptions of why kids aren't into cars like in previous generations but do you think they are right?

Or do you think there are other reasons?

Here are some key quotes and you can read the entire article by clicking the 'read article' link.

"His team are trying to help General Motors solve one of the most vexing problems facing the car industry: many young consumers today just do not care that much about cars."

“They think of a car as a giant bummer,” said Mr. Martin. “Think about your dashboard. It’s filled with nothing but bad news.”

"Automakers are realizing that if they do not adjust to changing youth tastes, they “risk becoming the dad at the middle school dance,”

“There’s been a lot of pessimism in the auto industry towards this generation,”

"After installing “secret shoppers” at select nationwide Chevrolet dealerships, Scratch recommended that salespeople abandon the hard sell and that the traditional system, based on commissions, be reimagined. Young buyers, they realized, are used to the Apple store, where salespeople do not push products."

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What Is The REAL Reason Why SO Many Kids Today Could Care Less About Cars?

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