Now since the Range Rover Evoque's launch way back when, I remember the brand being very specific that there would -- one day -- be a use for its spokewoman, Victoria Beckham. They said that "Posh Spice" would receive her very own special edition, in fact.

We know that Becks is a model, singer, fashion designer, etc., and likely the perfect spokesperson for this Range Rover as we'd guess that the most likely buyer of an Evoque would be a young, hip and professional woman.

But what would she add to a special edition Evoque? The answer is in the pictures below, my friends.

It appears that Victoria's special edition will benefit from a mix and match of matte and glossy paint, some rose-colored gold accents here and there and a peanut butter colored interior.

More information is expected to come as it makes its star-studded debut at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show this week.

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BEIJING MOTOR SHOW: Range Rover SPICES Up The Evoque Thanks To Victoria Beckham, A.K.A.

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