When I was a little kid -- which if you actually know me you'd know that time never came in my life -- I was never good at solving riddles or recognizing a thinly veiled hint. Thankfully, I've gotten better with age.

We all know that ALL automakers have to conform to the latest regulatory constrictions when it comes to emissions and efficiency. Ferrari is not an exception. Thus, in 2010 it showed off its first attempt at a hybrid powertrain.

Considering it was Ferrari's first time around the block it was impressive as it was able to carve out 30% of C02 emissions from a front-engined 599. Now though, Ferrari is upping the ante with a mid-engined variant.

Though the 3D animation seems to cast a similar 458 Italia's shape, there is one element that's different -- the 458 doesn't utilize a V12 motor. This leaves us wondering two things:

1) Is the Ferrari Enzo successor going to utilize HY-KERS technology? Remember, the initial prototype thus far mimics a 458, except it's wider and longer.

2) Will the 458 Italia get a V12 Hybrid model? Though it's been argued back and forth, if Eric Clapton's one-off 458 had a V12 in the back it may be able to fit the additional hybrid hardware. Hell, who's to say that Clapton's vehicle wasn't a test bed to see if this puppy could come to reality?

Oh yes, and the best part of this V12 mid-engined unit is that it now cutting down 40 percent of C02 emissions. Obviously, that's a significant number from a high-performance motor.

Ferrari introduced the world to its HY-KERS 599 hybrid powertrain concept in 2010 at the Geneva motor show.

And at the Beijing motor show on Monday, Ferrari revealed the latest development, with its V12 coupled to the HY-KERS kinetic-energy-recovery system...

Discover the evolution of the HY-KERS project unveiled at Beijing, adapted to a mid-rear engine layout. The objective of this configuration is to create a sports car that increases power while at the same time reducing emissions...

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VIDEO: Ferrari Updates Its HY-KERS Technology, But Do YOU See The BIG Hint Here?

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