In the past six months -- give or take -- there has been plenty of discussion surrounding the Audi R8. Not so much the current model or the very sexual R8 GT, but more so around it's revamp, which is scheduled to appear sooner rather than later.

Recently we got a hold of some shots from a publication that snapped photos of a 2013 development car -- a spyder -- sporting a thinly camouflaged front end. Now though, we've come across a jewel.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is seemingly a fully unwrapped 2013 R8 e-tron undergoing testing. That means we can now fully see just what Audi has in store for 2013.

As we pointed out in the early spy shots, it's clear there has been subtle revisions to the front clip. Slightly revised headlights, a slightly enhanced grille front and center, and the two vents flanking the chromed-out version have been altered. In addition, I also can see that the mirrors seem to have been made smaller -- maybe this is an e-tron-specific change.

Around the back, you'll note that there appears to be Lexan where the glass is and the rear vents are closed up. I would assume that's not finalized.

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