You know which color bothers me MORE than any other?

That's right, folks. Silver is my all-time least favorite color. It just seems to have overpopulated the automotive environment in recent years. In fact, if you look around you'll quickly notice that many automakers are SO attached the this hue that it offers multiple options of silver.

But silver does serve one solid purpose, it looks good on concept cars and shows off the vehicles' lines.

So when Acura debuted the NSX Concept it was a wise move. The new mid-engined NSX revival POPPED on the show floor. But now it's time to show it off with a wider palette. Much like the Lexus LFA, we expect this Japanese supercar to begin making appearances in a wider range of the color wheel.

First up is red.

That said, is the Acura NSX red HOT or leaving you stone COLD?

2012 Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery

VIDEO: Tired Of Acura's SILVER NSX? How Do YOU Feel About It In Red?

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