Yesterday, Agent 001 was at what is likely the number one BMW event in North America. That, my friends, is Bimmerfest at the Rose Bowl. Though our friends Jon Shafer and the rest of the team put on a good first-time show on the east coast last year, the SoCal crowd has been coming together for years. The culture is stronger and more vibrant.

And that's exactly why 001 was there. To capture it all for YOU, our faithful readers. As expected, he did a helluva job.

As we've seen in the past, Bimmerfest brought an INCREDIBLE variety of different types of tuners, different eras of BMWs and a mixed set of personalities. It's the go-to event for BMW lovers of all kind.

That said, for enthusiasts like myself and 001 it's just a remarkable scene to sit back and take in.

After going through our gallery of more than 360 high-quality images that you've come to appreciate and expect from, I have to say I know I've put together the BEST photographs of the BEST BMW event.

Take a look down below at my picks and let me know what you think!

Bimmerfest 2012 Photo Gallery

00R Picks: The BEST Of The BEST From Bimmerfest 2012

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