Recently we ran an excellent story concerning some summer drop-tops that really are the creme de la creme. In that instance, a publication put together the Audi R8 Spyder, BMW 650i Convertible and Porsche 911 991 and let them square off.

And really there wasn't a loser, per se. If you wanted sportiness you went with the 911, if you wanted what I'd classify a "supercar light," -- THINK: like beer -- you opted for the R8, and if you wanted a simple cruiser, the BMW.

Now though they've upped the stakes with the next showdown. This time it features highly modified stock cars from the likes of Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, which have been changed up thanks to Mansory, Hamann and Gemballa.

Here's the tough part: Do I ask you WHICH is the ugliest/prettiest OR should we inquire about WHICH appeals most to you?

**To read the FULL review, read the Google translated text HERE

And now here comes the technical data:

Specifications Mansory Gemballa Hamann
Engine V8 B6 V8
Capacity 4499 cc 3800 cm ³ 6208 cm ³
Performance 434 kW (590 hp) 308 kW (419 hp) 468 kW (636 hp)
Consumption 11.8 l super plus 8.9 liters of premium 13.5 liters of premium
0-100/0-200 3.2 s/10, 1s 4.2 s/13, 7s 3.6 s/10, 7s
Top speed 325 km / h 303 km / h 320 km / h
Vehicle price 344 000 € 163 218 € 328 440 €

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