In the day and age where manufacturers are turning out green/electric sports cars, I guess this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Mitsubishi's next-gen Evo may receive two powerplant options that were likely considered "unthinkable" only several years ago.

According to Autocar, a hybrid or possibly even a diesel powertrain are being considered.

However, don't get all crazy just yet. Mitsubishi hasn't even "signed off" on producing a Evo for production. Considering the other rumors of Mitsubishi's tough times, the Evo will have to make a strong business case for it to make production this time around.

...attention has now turned to the Evo X’s successor, and the UK is keen to become involved in ?its development.

The standard Lancer will be launched in 2014, but the Evo performance version is still not signed off for production.

“The UK is an exceptionally important market for the Evo,” said Bradley. “In our peak year we sold 1400 units.”

Should it be signed off, the next Evo is set to ditch its famed high-revving turbo petrol engine in favour of a hybrid drivetrain, and possibly even feature a diesel engine.

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RUMOR: Mitsubishi Starting Work On The Evo X's Successor - New Powertrain Options?

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