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Hyundai has partnered with Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint at Image Comics and Kirkman's groundbreaking comic and best-selling graphic novels, The Walking Dead, along with Future US,at Comic-Con International in San Diego this year on July 12-15.

The Hyundai Undead program celebrates the release of the 100th issue of The Walking Dead comic at the Future US booth on the Comic-Con floor where Hyundai will unveil a customized Elantra Coupe Zombie Survival Machine designed by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and fabricated by Design Craft. Kirkman, Skybound and Hyundai will also give away a Hyundai Elantra GT wrapped in the cover of The Walking Dead 100th issue by artist Charlie Adlard. All of these events will be celebrated at the private The Walking Dead 100th Issue VIP Black Carpet Event.

Hyundai’s partnership with Future US and Robert Kirkman/Skybound seeks to expand Hyundai’s immersion into the Gen Y culture beyond music into other key passion points like entertainment and gaming. By infiltrating Comic-Con alongside Future US and the exploding popularity of The Walking Dead franchise, Hyundai expands the Gen Y conversation to include the new Elantra variants, Coupe and GT.

Hyundai Undead kicked off June 12 with the launch of and a four-part behind-the-scenes video series. The videos will detail the creation of the Zombie Survival Machine and showcase the car build from start to finish, ending with the unveiling of the vehicle at Comic-Con on preview night, July 11 at the Future US booth.

“The Hyundai Undead program allows us to interact with hundreds of thousands of film, comic, TV and video game fans during this summer’s ultimate pop culture event,” said Steve Shannon, vice president of Marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “We can’t wait to unveil our custom Elantra Coupe Zombie Survival Machine, the ultimate car for The Walking Dead fans and anyone who wants to survive a zombie apocalypse.”

Hyundai’s Zombie Survival Machine will showcase modifications including: a front-end custom zombie plow cow catcher with spikes, slatted armored window coverings, a roof hatch to allow passengers to shoot at walkers, an electric rear trunk to house weapons, all-terrain/rally type tires, weapons storage compartments, a CB radio/PA system and much more.

Kirkman and Skybound will also be giving away a black 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT wrapped in the cover of the 100th issue of the comic featuring artwork by Charlie Adlard, longtime artist for The Walking Dead. The sweepstakes launched June 12 and will run until July 31. Enter the sweepstakes at, the Skybound booth or the Future booth at San Diego Comic-Con.

“I had a good experience working with Hyundai and Future US last year and I thought it would be totally awesome if a fan of the comic were able to win a great new car made even cooler with Charlie's artwork,” said Kirkman. “Designing the Zombie Survival Machine was just the icing on the cake. I’m very excited to see the amazing job they are doing in turning my doodles and ideas into a truly awesome car. I hope they will let me do a test drive before Comic-Con!”

Two other Hyundai vehicles will be featured at “The Walking Dead 100th Issue VIP Black Carpet Event” on July 13 at Petco Park in San Diego: the custom wrapped Elantra GT that will be given away on July 31st and a Kiwi Green Tucson. The private VIP party will be a fully immersive recreation of a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies.

Comic-Con attendees will be able to take pictures with the Zombie Survival Machine at the Future US booth, and get inside the vehicle to check out all of the features, including a limited run illustrated owner’s manual that walks drivers through the machine’s unique features and prepares them for the gruesome realities of the zombie apocalypse. The booth will also feature a Zombie Target practice area and a zombie costume contest.

Visit to learn more and see all the details at Enter for a chance to win a 2013 Elantra GT at, the Skybound booth or the Future booth at San Diego Comic-Con.

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