Ahh, the world of car classifieds...Driven by Grandma, ALL highway miles, car has some quirks, etc., etc. etc.

I currently in the process of finding a good used car for a friend for UNDER $3,000 which is not an easy task.

They are a student with limited funds who needs just, basic, reliable transportation.

So I'm searching the usual, Craigslist, eBay, etc.

And some of the things people say just drive me CRAZY! AC ICE COLD. PERFECT CONDITION, oh, it's 15 years old though and it has a salvage title!!!

And the prices people are asking for cars with 200k plus miles are just INSANE!

Let's see, it has 225k miles and they are going through the auction or on eBay for $700. I know, I'll pice mine at $6000! LOLOL!!!

What are some of the things people say when you read the classifieds or call them about their used vehicle that just makes you want to scream?

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Spies, discuss...

What Do People Say In Their Car Classified Ads That Drives You The CRAZIEST?

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