While Ferraris are known for their infamous red paint and remarkable racing history, in recent years it's been known for another thing: Catching fire right before their owners very eyes.

While it seems there hasn't been much said about why this happens and what Ferrari is trying to do to rectify the issue(s), we're just a bit curious as to what happens AFTER this sort of thing happens.

Obviously, there must be a tremendous amount of paperwork for the unlucky owner and their insurance company, but does Ferrari step up to the plate and help out, at minimum, aiding the victim get into another set of wheels?

The latest vehicle making waves for self immolating is European soccer player, Ever Banega's Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. According to reports, he recently acquired it and was driving it for one of the first times to the practice field when the -- seemingly -- inevitable happened.

Valencia's Ever Banega got the shock of his life when his brand new Ferrari burst into flames as he was on his way to the training ground on Monday.

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VIDEO: Ever Banega's Ferrari Is A TOTAL Loss Due To Fire - But Does ANYONE Know What Happens After The Fact?

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