Released within the past week, Ford has found itself in the middle of a firefight. Yes, a massive internet flamewar that could likely be seen from space.

Its first mistake was to make a video capturing the all-new 2013 Ford Focus ST with a BMW M3 in it. Its second mistake was to hire a copy writer that "it's truly a street fighter, even up against cars out of its class."


In reality, the video is actually a pretty descent one. I mean, what other automaker has a cute woman driving a manual 'box? It shows the value-add of the ST over its direct competition, namely the Subaru WRX and Mazda Mazdaspeed3.

Then, it goes on to show an M3 "flipping a b!&^#" and cruising alongside. Ford dare not imply the ST is class competitive as the BMW drives away at speed; however, it does make a direct point that an ST will keep some dollars in your bank account. Considering the ST has 270 lb.-ft. of torque and the BMW has 295 lb.-ft. is something it can bank on but then you realize the Ford is wrong-way drive.

Long story short, there's nothing to see here, folks. Just a marketing spiel that folks -- once again -- took far too seriously.

Watch the 2013 Ford Focus ST and rivals engage in a high-speed game of cat and mouse. The ST is out to prove that it's truly a street fighter, even up against cars out of its class.

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