When you gather together a large grouping of exotica for a car show, you can only expect there to be a lot of gawking, revving and a bit of ringing in the ears after you leave. Nothing wrong with that!

But what does it take to WIN a "rev off?"

With the likes of a Ferrari Enzo, Lamborghini LP-700-4 "Aventador," Koenigsegg, Jaguar XJ220 and much more, you need something that stands out.

Well. In this case it took some straight pipes and a flat 12 to be crowned king.

Listen to the participants below and let us know if YOU think the crown has been justly received.

And to think, this was just after a McLaren executive said that the V12 should be put into a museum, pft. (Yes, I know the Jaguar doesn't feature a V12.)

VIDEO: So, What's It Take To WIN A Rev Battle At A Supercar Event? Straight Pipes Help...

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