Chalk up an impressive win and another record for the all-electric Toyota Motorsport GmbH EV P001. With Fumio Nutahara behind the wheel, the team raced to the clouds at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in an impressive 10 minutes, 15.380 seconds. That was fast enough to place 6th overall and clinch the top spot in the electric class. Congratulations!

Despite a crash on the first day of practice, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV Evolution with driver Hiroshi Masuoka was looking sharp as it crossed the line just 15 seconds behind the electric leader to clinch 2nd EV place with a 10:30.850 time.

Perhaps the most surprising/amazing result of the day was from the HCE Lightning XP12 entry. Driver Elias Anderson took it upon himself to combine a modified F600 chassis from NovaKar with a 240 horsepower electric drivetrain – supplied in part, at least, from Lightning Motorcycles – in the space of a few short months and challenge the big factory teams. His 3rd place 11:00.857 finish gave him the 13th fastest overall spot and plenty of reasons to be very proud of himself.

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Fumio Nutahara wins Pikes Peak electric division for Toyota Motorsport, sets record

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