It wasn't too long ago on a bright Sunday morning I stumbled across what seemingly was a stupid story. Some young fool piloting an all-new Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder gets written a parking ticket but then everything went wrong.

Instead of taking it like a man, the idiot inches the vehicle forward. The cop, who in all honesty is just doing his job, moves further in front of the shiny Ferrari to keep the vehicle there.

The vehicle continues to inch forward and seemingly the officer's foot is "run over." A fist flies, the 20-something in hightops is yanked from the car and roughed up.

Cut. Next we notice that the dude's -- who is now in a fetal position on Soho's infamous cobblestone -- girlfriend comes into the picture and is none other than an MTV reality show queen, Stephanie Pratt.

The kicker? The clip ends with a cop limping across the street with what can be assumed is a badly damaged foot. Didn't look that injured when he jacked that guy up, huh?

The cherry on top: Apparently the officer is said to be filing a $10 million dollar lawsuit against the driver of the Ferrari now.

Check out the clip, again, below and judge for yourself -- is this some serious hogwash or is there a case?

An NYPD officer is planning to sue reality star Stephanie Pratt’s playboy boyfriend Julien Chabbott for $10 million, after he allegedly ran over the cop’s foot with his $260,000 Ferrari outside the swanky Mercer Hotel this month.

Officer Felix Recio will claim Julien, 28 — who owns social media site Line Snob — tried to run him over in his flashy red Ferrari Spyder, injuring his foot, after he gave him a parking ticket in SoHo on Aug 4.

Recio has now hired lawyer Sal Strazzullo, who’s seeking to up the charges against Chabbott from felony assault to first-degree assault with a deadly weapon. Strazzullo said, “Chabbott clearly had no regard for Officer Recio’s life. Hitting him with his Ferrari could have caused serious injuries or death. I would like the charges adjusted to first-degree assault. I am meeting with the district attorney’s office next week to discuss bringing more serious charges.”



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