A lot of reviews are hitting the net on the iPhone 5 and iOS6 and a lot seem to have a common thread.

They all LOVE the phone but in the list of criticism's, some are whining about Apple's Maps that replace Google Maps.

And after using it for real today ACTUALLY IN THE CAR TO GO SOMEWHERE VS. IN MY HOME OFFICE like MOST of these early reviewers we can tell you wholeheartedly that if you use it like a real in car nav system, you're going to LOVE it!

As you know the previous maps didn't give you dynamic turn by turn directions with voice.

If you wanted that you had to buy a pay for app or carrier service.

And out of all them that I personally tested, the only one that was any good was the current version of Yahoo's MapQuest which is free.

But today after using the Apple Maps (using TomTom Data) on my iPhone 4s, Mapquest is going in the virtual trashcan and put in the queue to be sent to electronic heaven.

The new Apple system is fantastic mainly due to the GORGEOUS, CLEAR typefaces and elegant Apple Style graphics.

You can have 2d or 3d, route list and in my quick test around town it worked great.

In fact, all I had to do was tell SIRI to "tell me how to get to Fairbanks Ranch" and it was off to the races.

It showed me the route choices and it was really easy to follow.

Much easier than anything else previously and MUCH better than what I've seen on the Android side.

I also liked how even when you weren't in the maps screen it displayed the nav instructions in the top notify panel and allowed you to click it to take you right back.

I can't wait to see it on the even bigger screen on my iPhone 5 Friday.

So if you're reading reviews across the net wondering we are happy to report that the people complaining so far really haven't used it in the car for a route or they are whining that there aren't icons showing where the Nissan Leaf charging stations are on your route.

*Remember I'm reviewing it from the standpoint of how it works as an in car turn by turn nav system NOT as a streetview, virtual tour of Paris!

Time for 001 to buy more AAPL.

Check out the first detailed, in action screen shots of it in action in the article gallery below.

I've scoured the net and I can't find ANY this detailed so enjoy!

EXCLUSIVE: First iPhone iOS6 Turn By Turn Map Screen Photos And Impressions. Will you Miss Google Maps?

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