A great new video clip of Pagani's Huayra has hit the 'net.

Spotted in Carmel, CA., this Huayra appears to be one of the company's marketing vehicles that has made its way around the auto show circuit. Sporting a Candy Apple Red paintjob, it's hard not to just gawk at the beauty the Huayra eminates.

From the best of what I can tell, it appears that Pagani's Managing Director, Francesco Zappacosta, is the driver getting behind the wheel of this unplated-but-somehow-on-the-road gem.

Probably the coolest part about this film is the crowd that gathered around this vehicle.

You'll never see this type of fanfare over most other supercars.

BrianZuk spots a red/exposed carbon Pagani Huayra on the road. The video includes the Huayra starting up its 6.0L Twin-Turbo 700bhp V12 and driving off. I wish I could have recorded more video, but the driver came to leave right after I began recording. Hope you enjoy. Look at the crowd!!

VIDEO: If You're One Of The FIRST Pagani Huayra Buyers In The STATES, Expect A CROWD Wherever You Go

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