Thanks to comprehensive modifications, a ‘normal’ CLS AMG is transformed into an exclusive KICHERER CLS 6.3 Yachting. For a more noticeably individual look, Kicherer, the specialist auto-tuners from Stockach in Germany, have given the CLS a set of top-quality KICHERER RS-1 forged wheels; on the front axle in size 20 inch and on the rear axle in size 21 inch. To make sure this combination not only looks good as it sits in the vehicle’s wheel arches, but also fits technically, the chassis frame has been optimised by means of electronic adjustment, including sporting characteristic curve. Behind the exclusive-design wheels is hidden an in-house high performance braking system with steel flex brake lines, which generate the sorts of deceleration values seen on top-level sports cars. An optical highlight is the exclusive KICHERER full-cover film in star-graphite, which converts the CLS 6.3 Yachting to a unique item.

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Mercedes Benz CLS 63 AMG Yachting by Kicherer

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