McLaren, until now, has really been an exclusive marque and really inclined towards utilizing Formula One technology and geeky enthusiasts. That's not a bad thing; however, like many have noted, it is a brand steeply enriched -- and PROUD -- of its science.

So when we saw a picture of pop star Miley Cyrus cruising around in one, we were a bit surprised. One, this means she's either a car freak OR two, she at least had the capacity to pass up on Ferrari's 458 Italia, which is a standard, go-to vehicle for SoCal.

Well, don't get too carried away yet.

In the clip below, the McLaren clearly is sporting Pennsylvania plates, which is a bit peculiar considering they're based in SoCal. Could it be a rental or picked up through Cyrus' lawyers?

If her recent new look is a gauge, it seems Miley Cyrus needs some tutoring in the politics of punk rock.

Or perhaps she was simply dabbling in a playful aesthetic.

Hardly bashful about her Disney tallied millions, 19-year-old Miley was out and proud in a new $200,000 McLaren sports car on Thursday.

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Who Would Have Thought? Miley Cyrus Springs For A McLaren?

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