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We all know that all automakers are looking for ways to continue piping in revenues. Let's face it, times are still tough -- especially for the auto industry -- and the only way for some specialty coach builders to stay in business is by expanding the lineup.

Sometimes a marque just has to make something cheaper. Sometimes they are forced to enter in a class that was previously unthinkable. [cough] Porsche! [cough]

At the end of the day, this is a business, folks.

Lamborghini is in an interesting situation though. It has showcased both a sedan and an sport-utility vehicle. Either is considered a significant step away from the brand's traditional roots; however, both would likely reap significant dollars because consumers have expressed interest in both.

The question is this: As the raging bull is likely to expand its model range, which do YOU want? The Estoque sedan, or the Urus SUV?

If It Comes Down To Lamborghini EXPANDING Its Lineup & YOU Can Pick Only One, Do YOU Go For The Estoque Or Urus?

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