In the world of low volume, high-end automobiles the business is very different from just about every conceivable angle.

The sales cycle and production times typically are longer, just-in-time delivery is the rule of thumb and its buyers are much more particular.

Think of it like the world of fashion. There are nice items you can purchase off the rack OR you can just empty out your bank account and go full bore for the couture collection. And when you're talking about cars from the likes of Bugatti, which costs over a $1 million bucks, you have to do business differently.

At least, that's what they're telling us, essentially.

And that's why the Galibier is said to be delayed, again.

If were one of the VERY few actually interested in this product, I'd recommend you do not hold your breath! From the sounds of it, it doesn't seem like it has been given a green light at all.

Asked about progress of the luxury saloon, which is now not expected until 2015-2016, new Bentley/Bugatti boss Wolfgang Schreiber said, “We are still working on the Galibier concept, but I would say it is more difficult to fulfill all the requirements for Bugatti customers than Bentley customers..."

...“The Veyron and derivatives of the Veyron are very focused on the needs of the customers,” he said. “If you now switch to a different type of car, it is very necessary to evaluate the needs of the customer. The launch date is still not decided yet.”


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Bugatti's Galibier Seeing Tough Times - Is It's Future In Jeopardy?

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