In a world where the ice caps are melting, temperatures are rising and the ice age is just around the corner, some of our favorite Hollywood A-listers are doing their part by using green cars.

Although it is pretty funny to see the ridiculousness of some folks. Take, for example, the young stars Justin Bieber and Hillary Duff. While Bieber's collection includes a highly modified Cadillac CTS-V, now he's been seen driving around in this gifted Karma. Duff's a fan of the A-list favorite Mercedes-Benz G-Class, which is not exactly the gas sipper, I reckon.

I guess they're trying to balance things out.

But what's far more intriguing is the selection of rides by Alicia Silverstone, Leonardo DiCaprio and, one again, Duff. Essentially, they're electric golf carts that are road legal.

Don't get me wrong here, I am for doing the environment some good but, really?

Are these A-listers taking it too far or are they being model citizens?

When you make the kind of money that Hollywood's elite does, you can drive any kind of car you want. Roll in an exotic sports car such as a Ferrari 599 GTB or cruise in a luxury saloon such as a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

But many celebs are going a different route these days, one that doesn't involve lots of horsepower or ultraposh amenities. Instead, these stars are following their environmental conscience, turning Tinseltown into a hotbed for hybrids and other alternative-fuel vehicles.

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SPIED: Hollywood's A-Listers Seen Driving A Variety Of GREEN Cars

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