At the SEMA Show and throughout the year a lot of noise gets made about the looks of a car, the technology inside it, the driving specs, resale, reputation, reliability, etc.

A lot of that is easily quantifiable.

But one thing that ISN'T, is the 'FUN TO DRIVE' factor.

Because for everyone it's a little different.

And it also depends on what style of car you like to drive.

Sports car, sedan, econobox racer, import, muscle, convertible or something that is a fashion statement.

So the question we want answered is, WHICH car or cars are the MOST FUN TO DRIVE for under $60,000 USD?

And they must for sale in dealers as a 2012-2013 model

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WHICH Car OR Cars Are THE MOST FUN To Drive FOR Under $60,000 USD?

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