Ferraris are pretty special vehicles. And a lot of the time, I find it hard to believe that folks so intensely modify these products because they are pretty damn slick straight from Maranello.

Leave it to the Hamanns and Underground Racing's of the world to overdo it.

Leave it to Novitec Rosso to get it right.

Every single Novitec-prepared product I've seen, I've basically loved. It does just enough to make it incrementally better. These guys aren't swinging for the fences and let the Ferrari speak for itself.

So, how do you improve the fastest production Ferrari right out of the gate? Let's see.

Novitec took the stock, 730 horsepower monster and turned it into a 753 horsepower and 518 lb.-ft. freak. It tuned its ECU and improved the mapping. Now its redline has been raised to 8,900 rpm and has a 214 mph top speed, up from 211 mph.

In addition, updated springs were fitted at each corner to bring the F12 down 40 mm. As one would expect with an expensive, low piece of hardware like this, Novitec included a lifting kit so it could raise it 40 mm to its original state to clear any obstacles that become a problem.

Novitec recommends that this vehicle be set up with 21-inch wheels upfront and 22-inchers out back.

Cosmetic mods will include blacked-out side markers and taillights and interior kits that will feature Alcantara and leather seating surfaces.

While this may not seem like enough for some folks out there, don't fret. Novitec Ross has said that additional stages will be developed for those needing a little -- or a lot -- more.

Novitec Rosso Takes The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta And Makes It Even More BOSS

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