One of the most impressive elements of any auto show are the booths. In some cases these are multi-million dollar investments by the automakers to show off their latest and greatest wares. Some are quite simple while others are extravagant and feature amazing displays that make you feel a part of something special.

At the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show, to me it's clear which automaker exceeded expectations. That would be Porsche.

As a marque that really emphasizes its heritage and tradition, it came as no surprise that the brand decided to bring a vehicle from what we're guessing is its classic collection. It was a 1964 904 Carrera GTS.

For all the naysayers, this is a brand that's looking forward but doesn't forget its past.

I find that admirable in a day and age where the manual transmission is nearly extinct and vehicles are becoming loaded up with larger dash displays and Facebook -- really, Facebook!?

Now it wasn't just the 904 that won me over. It was also the ample display of, in some cases, ridiculous products in the Porsche Design "Driver's Selection" area. I am pretty sure I will never need Porsche-shaped ice cubes but to see that Porsche actually created this makes me all sorts of giggly.

Then there are the cars. From 001's shots, it seems to me that whoever was in charge of the color combinations and options knew exactly what they were doing. It's just about perfect.

How could it possibly get better than that? Well, one way...

001 ran into a "Goodfella," and sat down for a beer with the one and only Paul Sorvino. In the words of Jimmy Two-Times, you better watch your back, watch your back.

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