This year's 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show brought some -- barely -- new kit and then there was all the rest. When I mean "the rest," I mean vehicles we've all seen for an extended period of time.

Some more than others.

But one particularly interesting car that we saw was the all-new, SRT Viper. It definitely wasn't the first time we've seen it; however, it was the first time we shot it in black. Considering it's all-new, sensual shape, it made for an interesting handful of images. The gorgeous blonde didn't hurt either.

While the SRT Viper is bound to be painted blue with the two white stripes seen in the first-generation GTS, we're sure some buyers will opt to think a bit more "out of the box."

So we're just a bit curious: Would you rather go Black or Red? WHICH and WHY?

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LA AUTO SHOW: WHICH and WHY? Black Or Red For The All-New SRT Viper?

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