While many may believe that RUF is a Porsche tuner, well, they're not exactly right. It's actually a manufacturer and you'll soon learn exactly why below.

Frankly there's no harm in the misunderstanding because RUF's such a unique player and its products are so limited, it's not like you SHOULD know much about them unless you've been to their factory in Germany.

Likely if you've been privy to some RUF knowledge it would surround several of their products: The world famous "Yellowbird," the 996 that was featured on History Channel documentary about the autobahn, and
then there's the latest and greatest, the CTR 3.

Follow along Car and Driver's European hack as he details the RUF story and gives his personal dream car a crack.

Jethro Bovingdon, Car and Driver's European correspondent, takes the fabled 911 Ruf Yellowbird for a spin around the test track, visits the RUF factory, and takes the Ruf CTR 3 on Germany's autobahn for some high-speed fun.

VIDEO: Take A Spin With RUF's Yellowbird And Its Latest, The CTR 3

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