Most of the auto world is in high cotton (sorry, Volvo). Whether you’re gunning for pure speed, green innovation, new technology or cheap thrills, there’s a fine new machine out there for you. In the biz, Chrysler is saving its savior, keeping floundering Fiat from failure. Toyota and Honda are roaring back. Hyundai and Kia are kicking ass. Detroit is dynamite, producing some of the best cars in its history. Gasoline prices (as we go to press) are hovering around $4.50, so though electric cars have continued to improve, they haven’t yet sparked a revolution. Porsche, Benz, BMW and Audi still set the standards, while a slim 25 grand will get you a spirited, rear-drive Japanese sports coupe. And then there’s all that new exotic metal—McLaren, Ferrari, Jaguar. We drove ’em all hard and put ’em away wet. Here are the best of the best for the new model year.

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