BMW's had one helluva busy 2012. Looking back to the recent past, the M6 Gran Coupe, 4-Series Coupe Concept and i3 Concept all made their debuts. While the 4-Series and i3 still have a ways to go before being finalized, that's one BIG step out of the way.

For the next-gen BMW X5, however, the party is just getting started.

We've been watching it like a hawk as it slowly has been undressing. The camouflage peels off slowly but surely.

Like the BMW 3-Series and 5-Series, the X5 is a hugely important vehicle to the brand. Year-to-date 2012, it is the third-highest selling product in the BMW universe.

From what we can see in these shots, the X5 will undergo an evolutionary design change with the vehicle's "face," getting more in line with the 3-Series' connected grille/headlight look. Looking at its hind quarters, it appears that its taillights will keep that "L" shape and be fitted with LED tubes.

An interesting detail we're actually surprised to see is the inclusion of the "air breather," initially seen on the 4-Series Coupe Concept. Perhaps BMW is going to spread this design/technology across the board?

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**Photos snapped by our spy friend, Palbay

The third generation BMW X5 continues its testing trials on U.S. soil and several prototypes were spied near the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina by Palbay.

The test mules have lost some of its camouflage and are revealing more design details. The green test mule gives us a look at the M Sport package while the brown painted seems to be one of the high-end models with LED headlights.

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SPIED: The Next-Gen BMW X5 Continues Its Striptease - MORE Seen NOW Than Ever

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