Now I know it may seem like I am gunning after the Porsche 911 after last night's top story and tonight's, but you DO have to remember I named it my favorite car of 2012.

Debuting at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show was the all-new Porsche Cayman. Though it wasn't much of a debut given how much of the vehicle had been seen pre-launch, plus everyone and their mother knew it would take after the Boxster, it made enough of a splash. That's because it looks so much more fluid than the first-gen Cayman, which was a bit peculiar at best.

Though I have to admit I was a sucker for the Cayman R. Weird looking or not, that car rocked, in every single way.

Well, the first reviews are coming in and they're pretty positive. So positive, in fact, AutoWeek has noted that the all-new Cayman is the BEST Porsche being built right now.

That said, we want to know: Is that just HYPE or could the Cayman be the BEST Porsche being built now?

Do I want one?


The really striking aspect is just how undemanding it is. The Cayman manages to achieve lofty standards of handling prowess with a ride that is surprisingly supple and more cosseting than that of its predecessor. The active suspension system can be credited with some of the progress here. It is a clear improvement on the old arrangement. The longer wheelbase no doubt helps, too.

With more power, compelling looks, sharper handling, improved comfort, a sumptuous interior and added practicality, the new coupe is a clear improvement on its predecessor in every discernible area. Dare we say, it's the best car Porsche builds right now, and at $20,500 less than the 911 Carrera, a terrific value.

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