One of my favorite compact cars is the Mazda3. Now while I know a bunch of people will probably try to castigate me for it, I could care less.

It's a damn good product.

Everyone that I have spoken to with a Mazda3 has only positive things to say about their purchase. Reliability, not a problem. Performance, more than ample. Luxury accoutrements? Sure, provided you bring your checkbook.

I like the car so much I even advised my significant other to pick one up, which she did, a couple of years ago. Something tells me we'll still see it running in another 15 years.

Anyhow, enough of the lovefest.

This week an all-new generation Mazda3 was seen undergoing developmental testing. As far as I know, this is the first time we're seeing this all-new vehicle testing.

As Mazda continues to make significant strides in the styling departments, it's not too surprising the next-gen 3 will inherit styling cues from the new CX-5 and gorgeously styled Mazda6 sedan. That means you can expect some sharp lines and a large grille to provide the 3 with some presence on the road.

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...All of Mazda’s upcoming models are built with the firm’s SkyActiv technology, which aims to cut as much weight as possible, while also improving efficiency. Expect to see lots of high tensile steel and a range of new economical engines.

A 1.6-litre diesel emitting under 90g/km is certainly on the cards and Mazda could be planning a future hot hatch version to replace the current Mazda 3 MPS...

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SPIED: FIRST Pics Of The Next-Gen Mazda 3 Snapped While Spotted Out And About

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