Being a former basketball player myself, it's fun to put on ESPN and see some of my former opponents, friends and even enemies playing in the NBA. Who knew that when I was playing against the then goofy Andrew Bynum that he'd turn into a flagrant fouling Laker — now with the 76'ers.

Just like young Hollywood and other professional athletes, ballers have been known to really go all-out when it comes to their homes and whips. Hence the term "baller."

So, to see what the world of absurd salaries, even more absurd endorsement deals and sneaker contracts can give you, you're in the right place.

Thanks to our friends at MSN, you can see the following rides:

- Ferrari F430 Spyder
- Land Rover Range Rover
- Bentley Continental GT
- BMW M5
- Knight XV
- Ferrari 599 GTB
...and many more.

Now, can YOU guess who owns what?

I'll give you a hint. Dwight Howard has some seriously eccentric taste...

Now that the 2012 - 2013 NBA basketball season is around the halfway mark, and the All-Star Game is but a memory, new story lines are forming and fans are going to see some heated competition in the weeks leading up to April. In Los Angeles, a Lakers team jam-packed with stars is pursuing one final moment of glory, but it's the city's other team that's sailing into the limelight at the moment. The league looks strong and the drive toward the end of regular season should provide some entertainment both on and off the boards. So what does this have to do with cars? Not much, but basketball players are among the most rabid car collectors around -- they have to spend those megasalaries on something -- so click through and take a look at what some of the best players drive when they aren't on the hardwood.

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