In the world of BMWs, there are several primary tuners that folks seek to soup up their rides. First theres the likes of Alpina and Dinan, which has a relationship with BMW OEM. There's been several special edition Alpina models that got the factory's stamp of approval and Dinan backs its products with an industry-leading warranty.

Next up in the rank and file are AC Schnitzer and Hamann. These two tuners are really the other commonly sought out aftermarket specialists when it comes to BMWs. Though, I will admit, some modifications are a bit...brutal.

At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, which 001 likens to Europe's SEMA show, both specialists showcased their latest and greatest.

And they both couldn't be more polar opposites.

Hamann showed off its goods with a chrome M6 that had a body kit, wheels and tires and a carbon fiber hood. It was dubbed, appropriately, the "Mirr6r."

AC Schnitzer, on the other hand, went with a pair of matte copper BMWs — a 6-Series Gran Coupe and 3-Series estate. I spy changes to the front valences, wheels and tires, and sources are telling me the 3'er's motor had a tune.

That said, if YOU had to pick one to drive away with, WHICH would it be and WHY? is ranked #1 on Google for auto show photos!

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2013 Geneva Motor Show Photo Gallery

GENEVA MOTOR SHOW: Battle Of The BMW Tuners — AC Schnitzer VS. Hamann

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