Well, they actually don't walk into the bar because they're all at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. To be more precise, they're all a part of the Hamann stand this year.

While the aftermarket tuner initially started out as a BMW-specific tuner it has expanded its footprint to a variety of other makes. AND, it even worked up a bike.

As you see below, Hamann went to town on an all-new Range Rover, with a pink chrome treatment, full body kit, wheels/tires and possible suspension work.

The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen appears to have had a matte finish applied, gold accents added, one additional exhaust per side — bringing the grand total to SIX — and, of course, whees/tires.

Now the 5-Series is a bit more interesting. It appears to be a worked up M5 with a full body kit and the most peculiar "eye brow" modification I've ever seen.

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2013 Geneva Motor Show Photo Gallery

GENEVA MOTOR SHOW: A PINK Range Rover, A Motorcyle, A G-Wagen And A BMW 5-Series Walk Into A Bar

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