You know, if there's one thing that I happen to have a love/hate relationship with on vehicles, it's bumper stickers. Much like personalized license plates they can either be cute and witty, or completely stupid and far too in your face.

So, when I saw a bumper sticker in my office's parking lot this week, I knew I had to snap a picture. It proudly read:

"Don't blame me. I voted Republican"

I can't think of a better way to scream "Key my car!" aside from having a political message plastered on the rear end of your vehicle. Well, that and also parking across a couple of spots.

That said, I wanted to touch base with the AutoSpies faithful and hear what bumper stickers you've seen that are AWESOME and those that are AWFUL.

**Send in YOUR photographs to to make our ticker!

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What's The BEST or WORST Bumper Sticker You've EVER Seen?

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