Being from New Jersey is tough. All I hear about are the stupid turnpike jokes and the — thankfully over — awful reality show references from MTV's Jersey Shore.

And though plenty of folks tuned in — I don't know why — a lot of people came out hating the show's characters. With goofy names like Jwoww and Pauly D, it must have been pretty easy but with their newfound personalities and careers these reality celebs wound up turning out a pretty good profit — for both themselves and MTV.

We've seen Snooki acquire a Cadillac Escalade EXT and sell it on eBay recently, Ronnie snapped up a BMW 6-Series Convertible and we've seen Jwoww tooling around town in an X5.

One of the most obnoxious cast members was a six-pack wielding, overconfident douche named "The Situation." When reality checks in his name is Mike Sorrentino. And now he is the proud owner of a Ferrari California.

Who knows what The Situation's been up to lately but from the looks of it, he's still got some cash coming in. Mike Sorrentino posted a few photos on his Facebook page of his new Ferrari California with 21 inch ADV.1 Rims. What do you think of the wheels?

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