The reason I ask is because I've recently come into a bucketload of cash and will be making my way to the nearest Bugatti dealership tomorrow.

I kid.

Really though I am curious because if there's one vehicle that's seen its fair share of one-offs, special editions and is a magnificent piece of automotive engineering, it's the Veyron. And much like a Porsche 911, there's all sorts of variants to choose from.

But I think I've stumbled across what may just be the creme de la creme of Veyrons.

I introduce you to the Super Sport Sang Noir.

Equipped with the most powerful trim, the Super Sport, this vehicle is unique due to its Sang Noir treatment. The original Sang Noirs were introduced in 2008 in a limited run of 15 cars. At the 2011 Geneva Motor Show though, the Super Sport Sang Noir was introduced.

So not only is it the most powerful Veyron made at this point, it also — to me — is the most beautiful. Sporting a glossy black and matte black exterior it has an aggressive and purposeful look. Its interior, finished in a black and orange combination is fun and loud. I love it.

BUT, my favorite interior details can be found when you look at the center stack. Note all the blacked-out trim? It reminds me of my favorite Bell & Ross watches that have the PVD fiinish.

Now I turn the tables to you: WHICH Veyron would YOU have?

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If YOU Had The Coin To Pick Up A Bugatti Veyron, WHICH One Would YOU Spring For?

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