There are several different classes of car owners:

— Passive: I need a car to get me from "Point A" to "Point B"

— Appreciative: I'd like a nice luxury vehicle, a Lexus will do

— Enthusiast: It ONLY has 650 horsepower? No, make it 1,000 and fit some bigger wheels, tires and brakes, too!

Arguably one of the greatest enthusiasts of all time was the Sultan of Brunei. Said to have a collection of the world's finest products 3,500 deep, you can't really argue with that. Rumors have swirled that he is a major reason why Rolls-Royce survived the tough times.

The Sultan didn't just buy fleets of Ferraris and Rollers though. He also spec'd out his very own one-offs that were typically made in batches special for him. Some of the more famous one-offs include the Ferrari 456 wagon and the Ferrari FX.

And it appears someone in SoCal learned a thing or two from him. That's because recently West Coast Customs took a mid 1990s Rolls-Royce Flying Spur and turned it into a wagon.

Yeah, that's basically all I've got on that.

So, is this particular wagonification of one of the primo luxury sedans AWESOME or AWFUL?

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AWESOME or AWFUL? Is The Rolls-Royce A PERFECT Example Of

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