These days when BMW comes out with an all-new design, it almost seems as if it is purposely provoking a polarizing response from the audience. One such vehicle that does this is the BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo.

While everyone that's driven it has remarked about its stellar ride quality and pleasing experience, I would have to argue that looking good is a big part of the equation. I don't think people want to have to explain away that hunched, $90,000 BMW in their driveway.

Particularly when you can drive around in one of the most exquisite BMW designs ever, the BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe.

But rather than kill off the vehicle entirely, BMW's keeping it alive as evidenced in the latest spy shots. As with typical BMW "life cycle impulses" (LCIs) — or as the rest of the industry calls it, a refresh — expect the grille, headlights/taillights, front/rear valences to be updated.

Word on the street suggests that the bootlid will be softened up a bit; however, I am not sure if anything can fix it.

...With a fresh nose and redesigned flanks to bring the it more into line with the looks of the smarter 3 Series GT, the new 5 Gran Turismo will join the revised 5 Series Saloon and Touring as one of six new BMWs debuting at Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

These spy shots show that there’s a new lower front bumper section with redesigned air intakes. The front grille and headlamps appear untouched, but there are more significant changes at the back of the car...

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SPIED: BMW's 5-Series GT Set For A Makeover, Still Won't Stop You From Saying

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