Well, there goes the neighborhood. Chris Brown's at it again and instead of creating shockwaves with domestic violence, it seems that he's creating a stir with his Hollywood Hills neighbors.

I hate to give this douchebag any more press but c'est la vie.

To keep it short, one of the exterior walls outside of his SoCal home has some rather intriguing "art" freshly painted on it. Fellow citizens surrounding his residence are not so surprisingly less than pleased as it looks like murals a 15-year-old wannabe graffiti artist would paint.

Funny thing is I can't get past his Lamborghini Gallardo. Some quick Googling revealed that Brown's Gallardo was recently transformed by West Coast Customs into this Speed Racer look. In addition, you can tell a Reventon body kit was also added giving it some additional flair though I don't think it was necessary.

It's a wreck.

Granted, if that's what makes the star happy so be it.

That said, what say you?

Grammy-winning musician Chris Brown's neighbours have complained about strange artwork painted along the fence of his Hollywood Hills home.

Neighbours said the grimacing, sharp-toothed, red-eyed goblins painted along a retaining wall have been scaring local children.

"There are lots of babies, lots of children, and they're literally frightened," said neighbour Patti Negri...

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