As you know, the Spies do a LOT of auto show coverage but one of our favorites of the year (Bimmerfest) is coming up this weekend at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

Nothing is more fun than being outside in the magical weather of Southern California (sorry east coasters, we know it's been freezing there) at a great venue packed with friends, beautiful cars and and interesting people.

It just isn't done any better than our friend Jon Shafer and the team from does with this yearly west coast gathering.

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The best way to describe the vibe is it's like being at a great football college weekend game.

NFL games are great but there is a magic in the air at the college venues that's missed in the pros.

And that's how it is at Bimmerfest.

Lot's of spirit, camaraderie and good clean fun is in abundance as well as a refreshing innocence and idealistic LOVE of the game.

Here's where the REAL car people are. And some UNIQUE people they ARE! The ones who are OBSSESSED with their rides and the fun surrounding the hobby.

Check out this video we took at the 2007 event...priceless!

If you are anywhere within driving distance of have air miles to burn get your butts to Pasadena this coming Saturday morning!

You'll thank us!

We'll see you there bright and early!

More info on the event

At other websites you're a just a spectator but at it's like you're THERE!

BIMMERFEST 2013-First Photos Break From Our HUGE Preview!

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