If you worked for Kanye West right about now, you may be looking for another gig. That's because, unfortunately, one of his assistants was shuffling around the cars at Kim Kardashian's house and the relatively small driveway's gate got the better of him.

Gate 1, Kanye's dude 0.

Quite simply the gate closed on the car.

Now that's not good on any vehicle, but when it's a matte black Lamborghini it's a double whammy. I can't say if it's a wrap or a paint job but regardless Lamborghini bodywork is not going to run cheap.

Kanye West's assistant is gonna be on the rapper's sh*t list! As two personal assistants moved the couple's cars around at Kim Kardashian's house, Kanye's guy gets crushed with the driveway gates close in on West's matte black Lambo. Wouldn't wanna be him right now!

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OUCH! Kanye West's Assistant Gives His Lamborghini A Boo Boo, Or Two...

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