It wasn't so long ago that Mercedes-Benz debuted the all-new SLS AMG "Gullwing." Though journalists swooned over the large displacement V8 motor, it seems that the public's reception has been lukewarm.

People aren't running out to buy these things and it seems as though they're not particularly appreciated when out and about. But this doesn't mean that a smaller and more competitive offering wouldn't be wanted. Particularly when Porsche seems pretty good at selling 911s.

Set to square up with it is a so called "baby SLS." We assume it would be a much smaller and lighter vehicle over the SLS and it would likely be more hardcore than the SL. While the SL is a great cruiser, it just isn't made for track days and supremo driving experience.

That's where the "GT" would come in but there hasn't been any official word yet. Nor has there been any spy photos.

Keep your fingers crossed, folks.

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