A vehicle that plenty of people are looking forward to is the all-new Volkswagen Golf R. While we've seen the Golf and Golf GTI make their long-awaited debut, the last variant is up to bat.

Spotted undergoing developmental testing, it still boasts some camouflage.

But its swagger likely isn't the biggest draw for Golf R fans. It's the forced induction, four-cylinder motor that is likely to be the most powerful yet. Though I have to say that I was a BIG detractor from the MKVI Golf R — and I likely will be for the MKVII – it is exciting to see VW finally step up to the plate when it comes to power. Cars like the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Subaru WRX STI have been slaying it for years.

Hopefully if I cross my fingers, maybe, just maybe, Volkswagen will spruce up the interior cabin and make this vehicle as unique as the MKIV was. Now that was a proper .:R car.

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SPIED: All-NEW Spy Pics Of Volkswagen's Golf R

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