A few weeks ago Agent 001 summoned your opinions of which daily driver he should add to the fleet and we know you've been waiting for his decision.

I appreciated everyone's insight and I truly considered all your points so thank you.

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If you didn't catch the article here is a snippet so you know what the parameters were...

"with the current incentives and lease subventions I could choose between a 528i M-Sport, 328 Convertible M-Sport, 328i sedan OR X1 28i X-Line for the SAME monthly payment!

ALL have positive attributes...528i, great size/ride. 328i, all new iPad like nav and the best 3-Series yet. 328 Convertible M-Sport the best looking of the bunch in my opinion. And finally, the X1 X-line gets great mileage and is right sized and is most practical.

So knowing this info, WHICH would you recommend for me and WHY?

Remember, I already have the Wrangler Unlimited for when I need total utility and I get new cars every week to test from the manufacturers (I know, tough job right?) so I hardly drive any of the cars I own so I want to keep the expense down to a minimum and not be wasteful. And ALL of these are M-Sport versions or X-Line so they're WELL equipped and ALL great. And I can afford to lease ANY BMW, but I do not want to waste dough on a car I won't drive often or be able to wring the FULL amount of performance out say in the case of an M3/M5/M6."

In the end, I decided on the 2014 BMW X1 with the X-Line appearance package in Mineral White with Terra interior.

And I bought it from my good friend and one of the best premium car sales guys out there Robert Brown from BMW of Monrovia (part of the Sonic Automotive chain). You WON'T find a better more proactive salesperson in your corner than Robert so if you're IN-MARKET send him and email RIGHT NOW and get a killer deal like I did. Click to see inventory at BMW Of Monrovia

So how did I come to the final decision? Let me spell out my thought process behind it and what mattered most in the end in order:

1. Price/Resale-Because I trade SO often this always has to be number one. So of the choices I went 2014 X1 becuase a 14 will be easiest to get out of. I know I said it must be a 13 in my article but Robert showed me how to get a great deal on the 14 becuase of the higher lease residual.

2. Although the 328i is the best premium sport sedan on the planet, they are EVERYWHERE. It was just too common to me. same with the 528i. great cars, i just wanted something more unique.

3. My heart wanted a 335is convertible but it wouldn't have gotten used enough.

4. I love panoramic roofs and interior cabin space and the X1 is amazingly roomy inside. Especially in driver and passenger area.

5. It has to look good and I love the new Audi All-Road (Call Spies friend Trent Hill at Circle in Long Beach if you need an Audi). But the X1 is much roomier inside and in the X-line trim in the color combo I got I actually think the BMW looks better. Granted they take some queues with the satin aluminum rails and lower body/rear trim. Plus, the lease on the All-Road was over $100 more per month and does not include maintenance.

6. I love the fact the X1 has the 328 motor, 8-speed and Stop/Start so I know it will get good mileage. And although the biggest complaint about the 13 X1 was the stop/start was too harsh, I've noticed the 14 seems a lot tamer. I don't know for sure but maybe BMW tweaked it for 2014.

7. I also considered a 328xi wagon but it's just too dang small inside, it's not as good looking as the X1 and check's F'n CRAZY expensive! Like 52-57k! Besides, WAGONS in the USA ARE DEAD!

I suggest you SAVE 10-15k and just get the X1 and be happy. I am!

So far, I am REALLY impressed in the product and think its probably the biggest sleeper BMW has on the lot. Leasing one is virtually identical in price to a 328 so it's no wonder its selling well. REALLY well. It's next to impossible to find a remaining 13 on the lot in a decent color combo. Yet hundreds of 2013 328's are still sitting.

I got the Mineral White with the Terra/Black two-tone interior (impossible to find in me) and I have to say it's the best quality exterior paint color BMW sells outside of the individual colors. Look at this night shot to see the sparkle.

Other colors I considered...Black/Black (aluminum rails pop but BMW black interiors are BORING!). Black with Coral Red is cool but no one has them. Which leads me to my regular rant to BMW dealers in the USA. WHY do you guys NEVER have any cool interior combos like mine on the lot? Not saying you need every car like that but ONE OR TWO would be great. Especially, in the high volume dealers. TRUST us they WILL sell. And I promise you this and will bet you a great dinner that MANY of the customers you lose to Audi are lost when they see the cheap looking black, grey or beige interior you have on the lot and then they see the gorgeous amaretto interiors IN STOCK at the Audi dealer. THEN, to make matters worse, they go tell ALL their friends how crap the BMW interior looked and that's why they went Audi. If they only SAW a gorgeous Terra like mine or Ivory two-tone, THEY'D BE ALREADY BURNING GAS IN YOUR CAR!

OK, so there you have it.

My decision, first impressions and so let's get to the first real life photos of the 2014 BMW X1!

Thank you again for the help.

I ALWAYS SPY before I BUY. And I suggest you do the same!

2014 BMW X1 X-Line-001 Shows You WHY Wagons are Dead and Why You're NUTS To Buy A 3-Series Wagon Instead.

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