Well, maybe not exactly fists but you get the gist.

Essentially two knuckleheads got into a heated issue on the road and decided to get out of their vehicles and settle this like two teenagers. Yes, a battle between a BMW 5-Series owner and an incredibly unmasculine Volkswagen Beetle painted in none other than baby blue.

While the video itself is hilarious to watch, this got me thinking: have you EVER gotten SO heated you found yourself in a situation like this?

Even in the rough and tumble New York Tri-State region's streets I have yet to see two adults go at it. This has to be like finding a needle in a haystack. However, I have heard a story from a buddy that threw down when a mistake turned into a shouting match turned into a guy getting his face punched in by my friend.

Personally, I could never imagine fighting someone in traffic but I am intrigued, Spies. Have YOU thrown down?

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VIDEO: Two Guys, Two Ties, Fists Fly

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