I have to say one racer that's caught my eye is the Bentley Continental GT3. Not only because it's a fascinating engineering achievement to take this heavyweight and make it race ready, but also because it marks the brand's return to racing since 2003.

And I think a lot of folks don't remember how Bentley came to be with its racing heritage.

While I've seen the GT3 at auto shows and in studio shots, I've been dying to hear it get turned over. Finally, my wish has been granted.

While preparing for a Top Gear shoot, check out the GT3 prototype working its way around the set. The engine bay is opened up here but, realistically, you can't see anything. Word on the street is saying this prototype is using the W12 found in the production car and the real deal will use the lighter bi-turbo V8 motor.

Now that's all out of the way, give it a listen below...

In London I recorded this Bentley GT3, unloading from a truck, starting up and revving.

We can see the engine bay here. From a sure source, this car has the bi-turbo W12 engine from the Continental GT. But it is the prototype that was displayed in Paris in 2012. The race version will have the twin turbo V8.

This happened during the preparation of the recording of Top Gear. Especially "Best of British". During the show, I know from a valid source that Jeremy Clarkson will drive the smallest car in the world, between all the cars present here. Among them, the McLaren P1, Aston One-77, V12 Zagato, DB9, Vanquish... All the Rolls Royces, with the Wraith, Ariel Atom V8 and normal, race cars, F1 cars, old cars, Jaguars, ALL the cars that are manufactured in the UK.

VIDEO: FIRST REAL-LIFE Clip Of The Bentley Continental GT3 Racer HEARD

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