It's not exactly what you'd call spacious or luxurious. It's definitely not built like a bank vault. And if you were to ask the average owner what they make of it, I am sure they'd note it's fragile. But the Lancia Stratos is a car revered by most die-hard rally lovers.

That's because it was so damn good at winning titles.

Finding a Stratos in the U.S. can only be analogized with a cliché expression like "finding a needle in a haystack," but, honestly, when was the last time you saw one? Philip Toledano got his hands on a bird's egg blue one and tells about why his affection for it is so great. Essentially, he loves the simplicity. BUT, there's much more to it, like the little lovable quirks. 

Find out exactly what I mean by watching below...

It is hard to argue with the pedigree of the Lancia Stratos. Built with one uncompromising vision, the Stratos was produced to win WRC titles, and win it did. The agile, Dino V6-powered chassis went on to win three consecutive titles and in so doing captured the hearts of many enthusiasts. Phillip Toledano was one of those enthusiasts and for him, purchasing a car built with one purpose was a dream come true. As an artist, Phil has always been attracted to the Bertone wedge design and gives us a glimpse of what it is like to live with the fabled Stratos.

VIDEO: A Rare Bird Caught And Unleashed In The New York Countryside, The Lancia Stratos

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