The new Lexus small crossover has been photographed while testing with very little disguise. Lexus have recently indicated that they are looking to put a compact crossover in its models beneath the RX and it looks like this could be it. It will be likely to be an NX and probably get an engine specific name in the same way that the RX has. This is felt to be likely to be NX200t or NX300h as Toyota have recently filed patents for those names.

It will be an important step for nexus as they are trying to appear trendier and more sporty as well as more youthful unlike the quiet and competent image that they currently have. They will need to provide models that appeal to the young and wealthy if they want to do this and so a small crossover could be just the thing they need.

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Hello, Are You The Upcoming Lexus NX Crossover?

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